Bad Karma Lingerie

Are racy underthings really "For your eyes only"?

By RockTheFrolic

Bad Karma Lingerie


That was exactly the reaction I was craving, hoping for, and received when I stepped into my beau’s bedroom in my black, barely-there lingerie.

Gorgeous and glamorous, not to mention incredibly feminine and sexy– that’s how I feel when I wear my intimate apparel. It’s pretty, and some of it is a pricey investment, so I keep it. But I don’t break it out as much as I should or as often as my boyfriend would like. And there is a definite reason most of it stays in my drawers. Sometimes I just really wonder, is it bad karma to wear the same lingerie with different guys?

Of course there is laundry, and sometimes a looooong time, between one relationship and the next lingerie-deserving guy, but occasionally, it still feels odd wearing something so intimate with your new love after parading in it with a past flame.

I know most girls do it, but could their recycling of racy garments be the cause of the bad karma in their relationships? Even if the new man never knows, and they usually don’t, is there a glimmer of the past guy in the back of the girl’s loins when she’s sashaying in the same satin and lace?

Still, it can be a hard decision to ditch your intimate apparel. Depending on where you shop, negligees, camisoles, corsets and baby dolls can set you back a few bucks or more. If you splurge at La Perla or Else, you may need to dip into your 401K to replace.

If you think you’ve tried everything to improve your chances at true love, maybe you should go shopping and purchase some new panties. While you’re at it, pick up a teddy and maybe a silk chemise, too. Even Victoria’s Secret suggests a “Boudoir Refresh” on its website ( of course, they are trying to sell more), but it’s really not a bad idea.

We think that it’s worth investing in our new relationships. So select the perfect intimate apparel for your new guy. Sweet or sexy?  Be an angel if you want, or a tart. Just support the relationship you are in, not the one that you were.

Do you wear the same lingerie from one relationship to the next? Do you think your wearing frilly boy shorts could be bad karma? Tell us your thoughts.