Dating a Fart Guy Not Your Type?

Cheek flappers beware: breaking wind causes dumping

By RockTheFrolic

Dating a Fart Guy

Most girls have a “type” whether they admit it or not. Some like blonds. Others like brawn. But is knowing what is not your type just as important? Not many women would EVER request a farter as their ideal mate, but dating a ‘fart guy’ isn’t always a deal-breaker.

Everyone, even us girls, get gassy from time to time. We’re human, after all, and that’s a normal bodily function. But there are those guys who don’t even try to contain themselves.

You might be sniggering at the moment, but there are men, and we bet you know at least a few, who think it’s hilarious to let one rip…on purpose. Unexpected farts are funny, but in the end, flatulence all the time is not amusing in the least. How can any girl overlook this nasal-offending behavior?

We can’t help but wonder if it is a certain type of man who loves to whistle his ass. It seems that being a Fart Guy is caused by a lack of sophistication or is simply a matter of disrespect. Do these men curb cutting the cheese in the early stages of dating to woo their women? If they curb it then, why can’t they curb it all the time? How long would it take you to realize the dude you are dating is a stinker and definitely not your type?

If it’s not a health issue, but rather a conscious choice, should breaking wind be grounds for immediate dumping?

One of the nicest things I can say about my first boyfriend is that he wasn’t a farter. After growing up with a brother and a father who both ripped all the time, my ex’s lack of flatulence was a welcome relief. A lot of studies show that girls fall for men just like their dads. I’m happy to report I didn’t — none of my boyfriends, from that ex from a million years ago on, have been the type to break wind just for the sake of it.

If you are in a relationship that stinks, demand a little more respect. And if you are a farter, we say keep it internalized! It just might help your love life. It definitely will help our noses.

Have you ever dated a guy who had major flatulence? Have you ever dumped someone because he farted too much? Let us know– we’re holding our breath…