Durex Fundawear Vibrating Panties

Coming soon to a crotch near you

By RockTheFrolic

Durex Fundawear Vibrating Panties
There’s an app for everything, even orgasms! We’re not kidding. Your next tech fetish is totally going to be… are you ready? Smartphone-controlled vibrating panties.

Your long distance relationship just got a lot more physically connected and arousing.

How do these vibrating panties work? Girls get bras and panties and for the gents there are boxer briefs. Strategically placed sensors in the undies generate vibrations. All your far-away lover has to do is touch a button on his iPhone app that corresponds to the sensor in your nether region he wants to arouse. And Bam-O Wham-O, you starting feeling all tingly down there.

Who can you thank for such a titillating idea? The Australian branch of condom manufacturer Durex.

We swear, Aussies are so damn much fun. And it looks like they are definitely embracing their “down under” mantra.

Unfortunately, these arousing underwear are not on the market just yet. They are still in the testing stage. What a fun job that would be! You can win the ultimate Fundawear experience just by liking the Durex Australia Facebook page and telling them how you would use the pleasuring panties with your partner. Let us count the ways!

But, we couldn’t help but wonder if having technology in your skivvies would prohibit you from washing them. Yuck. But hey, even if that’s true, making the undies use once and toss, we still think they will be a super hot accessory for a long distance relationship and every time you go away for business.

Don’t let geography make your sex life, and long distance relationship, fizzle instead of sizzle. Grab a pair of these smartphone-controlled vibrating panties as soon as they are available.

Are you, ahem, excited about these vibrating underwear? We’re dying to try them out. How about you?