Gaga in a Thong, Cyrus Super Skanky & Timberlake Oh So Sexy

Once again, the MTV VMA's certainly didn't disappoint

By RockTheFrolic

MTV VMAs recap

MTV’s VMAs were last night. Lady Gaga started the show all crazy-eyed in a priest-like robe and white square box encapsulating her head. Throwing off the robes and head gear, Gaga blazed through many costume and wig changes as she sang her new song “Applause”. By the end of her high-energy performance she stripped down to a shell bikini top and skimpy thong.

Oh Lady Gaga. We still love you. Yes, you are over the top and out there sometimes. But girl, you can perform!

And then there was Miley… some think she out-shocked Gaga… yes, but not in a good way. It was more like she out-skanked everyone.

Mylie Cyrus was all white trash performing “We Can’t Stop”. The teddy bears from her music video were everywhere– on her leotard, hopping on the stage, even on the backs of her backup dancers.

Then Robin Thicke came out, in a suit reminiscent of Beetlejuice, to sing his smash hit “Blurred Lines”. Miss Cyrus stayed, ripping off her teddy teddy, to reveal a nude-colored vinyl pin-up style two piece.

Just like a stripper, Billy Ray’s daughter bent over, shimmied her ass on Robin while dangling her extra long tongue (we didn’t, but we bet someone counted how many times this chick stuck her tongue out).

And what Mylie did with a number one foam finger… OMG! We will never look at one of those the same way again.

Miley is seriously like your crazy, slutty friend who likes to grind on anyone and everyone every time you go out.

Thank Gawd for Justin Timberlake bringing sexy, not slutty, talent back to the stage. That man has the moves.

Until next year, VMAs… we can hardly wait.



Photo Source: E! Online and Yahoo Music