Generate Good Karma: Say “I’m Too Old For You”

How to let a guy down easy and reap the rewards

By RockTheFrolic

When to say I'm too old for you

As women, most of us don’t like to admit we are too old, for just about anything. Even women who are comfortable with aging gracefully don’t feel the need to call attention to the fact that they are packing on the years. We all hope that we’ll keep our youthful glow. But there are times, no matter what your age, you actually don’t mind saying …GASP… “I’m too old for you!”

Can’t imagine evvvvvver saying such a thing? How would you feel if someone else thought you were? Yikes!

We bet you’d change your mind if it got you out of a situation or if it could bring you some good karma. Consider this scenario:

You love hanging out with your friend and her husband but one night his much younger, pot-smoking brother hits on you. Uh-oh… How do you handle this without offending your friend’s hubby and hurting his brother’s feelings? This has disaster smacked all over it.

Fortunately, or maybe strategically, you strike up a conversation with some others at the party. Disaster diverted, at least at this party. The next day, your friend calls to tell you what a great friend she is… Not only did her brother-in-law hit on you at the party, he asked your friend to set him up with you! She handled his request by declaring, “Are you kidding? She’s way too old for you.” As much as you would be over-the-moon happy to have her as your sister-in-law, and as much as you normally hate the fact that you are getting older (can you say past the Big 3 – 0?), you thank your friend profusely for saving you from AWKward!

Need another example of when you need to use the age card?

You go out dancing with friends and a 23 year-old, gangly 6’6″ guy with a John Waters mustache and equally bad gold chain weasels his way into your own personal dance space. Maybe it’s because he chooses to ask you out to dinner just when the old song that goes “Lick my pussy and my crack” starts playing, but you yell over the music, “I’m too old for you.” He tries to coerce you into believing he isn’t, but in reality, he is. Not because you have that many years on him, but because he’s no more your type than the bro who loves weed. Why is it always the ones you don’t want who put the moves on you the most?

Both these guys were polite, so being mean just because they are not your type would be wrong. Instead, proudly state, “I’m too old for you”. You’ll spare someone’s feelings and you just might generate a bit of good karma for yourself.

How do you let guys down easy? If you’re nice, do you think it brings you good karma?