Guy Clothes Should Be Manly — Foxtails Aren’t

Would You Date a Guy Who Wore one?

By RockTheFrolic

Guy clothes should be manly not foxy

Guy clothes should make a man look, well, like a man. That’s just the way we feel here at Rock the Frolic. So we were a bit surprised to see a grown man wearing a furry foxtail at the mall.

A couple years ago rappers started rocking foxtails, but they usually wore them clipped on the side of their belts. This dude wore his furry accessory clipped to his belt too, but off the back, so it looked like it was growing out of his ass, and because of his diminutive stature, it nearly dragged the ground. The backwards baseball cap, the black wife beater and his pooch definitely didn’t do this guy any favors either.

We just don’t get why a guy would spend $90, or even $5, to wear a foxtail off his ass only to look like a dumbass.

We like edgy, urban attire for sure, but we just never could get into this trend, even when successful rappers Kanye West and Chris Brown sported the foxtails. They at least looked kind of hip. Wearing one now, at the mall, is not trendy nor hot. Please, don’t do it.

Guy clothes can be casual or classy, rocker or urban. Whatever. Just let them be manly.

What are your favorite guy clothes? Would you ever date a guy who wore a foxtail off his ass?