He Was An Ass, You’ll Pick Better Next Time

Why a second marriage makes up for a jerk ex husband

By RockTheFrolic

He was an ass

I remember meeting my friend’s husband the first time. I genuinely like everyone, but I couldn’t stand him. They had been together for awhile, but five minutes for me was too long with him. He was arrogant, and definitely not gracious. He was an ass. Really. Nothing could convince me otherwise.

Despite his shortcomings, there was a reason my friend and her jerk husband were together. They had work in common, and she learned a lot from him.

We all know individuals, women in particular, who marry for security. So I had to wonder, do many people marry to advance their careers? And for those who do, do they even realize that it’s professional chemistry, more than a romantic chemistry, that brought them together?

My friend doesn’t regret being with her ex-husband even though she knew that everyone thought he was an ass, and she ended up going through a nasty divorce with him. My friend chooses to acknowledge the positive and not dwell on the ass. What my friend does regret a little, however, is letting her career stagnant because of her low self-esteem after their break-up. He told her she didn’t have talent. That ass, their bitter divorce, all of it, made her believe it. She wishes that she wouldn’t have lost the momentum, and the time, it took to rebuild herself.

If you are worried that you will marry a guy who you will come to describe as “he was an ass”, don’t worry. Even if you do, we bet you will ultimately find a wonderful guy who treats you with respect. When I met friend’s 2nd and current husband, 5 seconds was all it took to love him, and I do get the pleasure of hanging out with both of them, though not as often as I would like.

Oh, and by the way, my friend has a successful career, too.

Did you marry an ass but now have a great guy? Did you have a great working relationship with your guy but when that fizzled, so did your relationship? We are interested. Let us know.