He Was Perfect On Paper

Why Even a George Clooney Clone Might Not Be Mr. Right

By RockTheFrolic

An online date with a George Clooney Clone was no Mr. Right

I held off from online dating as long as I could but finally I succumbed.  I put together my profile and got some interest.  Finally, I heard from a guy who had potential.  In fact, he sounded perfect on paper.

My first online date was a couple of years older than me, had a good job, owned his own home and still had his hair.  Perfect so far.  He had never been married and didn’t have children but wanted some.  Did I mention that we didn’t live too far from one another?  Add another check in the Pro category.  And you are not going to believe this, but he actually looked like George Clooney!  I swear, he did. The only difference was he didn’t have the twinkle in his eye that George has. I couldn’t believe that my first experience with online dating had produced Mr. Right.

Me and my George met at a Mexican restaurant near the beach one week-night evening.  From what I had been told by my friends who were experienced online daters, the guy who shows up doesn’t always look like his posted photos so I was pleasantly surprised that my date actually looked like George Clooney sans the twinkle.  Maybe I should have tried online dating -much- earlier…

Here I was, sitting across from this cute and nice guy but by the time my first margarita was half full, my hopes were half empty… I was already starting to have my doubts… Yes, he was cute, and yes he seemed like a decent, upstanding guy but this George didn’t have the personality that Clooney does.  In fact, he didn’t have any personality at all.  This George was boring!

I don’t think it was because he was shy or nervous because I can talk to just about anyone and can draw even the shyest of individuals out of their shells.  My bubble bursted.  My George was a stiff.

That one date, my first from dating online, reminded me that no matter how perfect on paper a guy is, he’s only perfect for you if you have chemistry in person.  Some may say that I should have given the Clooney-clone a second chance, but there was no point.  There was zero chemistry and another chance wouldn’t change him into Mr. Right.

If you are dating online and haven’t found your George Clooney yet, don’t despair.  After my George turned out to not be my George, I went on to do much more online dating.  Some of the guys were players, some were weirdos and some were nice but not for me.  A couple of lucky ones became boyfriends. One broke my heart, but one, The One, was perfect on paper and perfect in person too.  My Mr. Right and I are still together…

Have you dated any celebrity look-alikes that you met online?  Tell us the juicy details.

Photo: filmsplusmovies.com