How to Dump Someone

Don't do it in an Applebee's parking lot

By RockTheFrolic

Man dumps woman in Applebee's parking

We can’t say it enough. Whether you are the dumper or dumpee, breaking up is not easy. Even when you try to do the right thing — telling someone in person — sometimes it can still be an epic fail. Is there a right way for how to dump someone?

Here’s the scenario:
You’ve been dating a guy for three months, seeing each other twice a week and having sex every time. You don’t think he’s The One, but it’s nice having someone to go out with every Saturday night. And it’s definitely nice getting sex on a regular basis.

Then the 90-day itch kicks in and you feel the guy pulling away emotionally. He cancels on you due to having a cold. After two weeks with no dates and no sex, he calls you to set something up but he downgrades you from dinner and staying over Saturday night to having lunch. Even though your gut knows what’s coming, you never expect this to happen.

You’re dumped in an Applebee’s parking lot as he sits in his car with his seatbelt still on! You don’t even get lunch before he says, “I’m not feeling this…” There’s gotta be a better way for how to dump someone, right?

He said you deserved to be told in person but would it have been better if he had done the dumping on the phone?

As tacky as it is to break up with someone on the phone, it’s better than doing it in the parking lot of Applebee’s.

The more gentlemanly way to handle the situation, however, would have been to tell you “We need to talk” either on the phone or at lunch. Preferably the latter– at least you would have gotten lunch, even if it was at Applebee’s.

Have you been wondering how to dump someone? Have you ever dumped someone, or been dumped, in a totally inappropriate place? Tell us now.