How to Forget Your Ex When Your Good Relationship Ends

He keeps you on the hook long enough to heal, but what about you?

By RockTheFrolic

How To Forget Your Ex


How to forget your ex… it’s never easy, especially when he keeps you on the hook. Guys do that more than you think.

Here’s the scenario–

You and your boyfriend have a really nice, easy-going relationship. He has the core qualities that mean the most. You have lots in common, share similar views on the world, can talk for hours, and rarely have tiffs. Plus, he isn’t a player. All is going smashingly well until the approach of your one-year anniversary. The significance of the anniversary and all that it stands for is just too much for him to handle so he dumps you. Seemingly out of the blue. One day rosy, next day rotten.

When a relationship is good and ends abruptly, discovering how to forget your ex feels as challenging as musing on the meaning of life. He dumped you because he’s not ready, or too scared, to commit on that next, deeper level. And yet, your phone still rings. When he calls just to touch base, nothing more, in your heart, it is more, especially since he’s still telling you he loves you. He claims that he couldn’t see you a little because he would want to see you more, and that going slowly wouldn’t work because “you’re too wonderful” and “we get along too well”. And it doesn’t end there. One of the most excruciating comments he can give you is “I think we have what it takes but timing…”


Maybe he does love you, but not enough to man up and be with you forever.

So why don’t guys make a clean break? Nice guys sometimes need time to ween themselves. They need that “gray area” — you on the hook while they have one of foot out the door — in order to heal because they know they just let a great girl — maybe even The One — go. Keeping you on the hook, however, only makes the break up that much more agonizing for you. False hope sucks.

Bottom line — you can have a great relationship, but it doesn’t matter, even if you are the love of his life, if he’s not ready. So… how to forget your ex? Order another dirty martini.

Has a guy every kept you on the hook after breaking up with you?  We want to know.