I Knew It Was Over…During Sex

How his insecurities can end a relationship

By RockTheFrolic

I knew it was over during sex

I cringed while we were doing it.  That’s how I knew it was over.

Whether you have an amazing sex life or a lackluster one, there are times when just about every couple enjoys it just a little more… Hotel sex. Make-up sex.  Bon voyage sex.  No matter how tired or busy you are, when you are about to embark on a trip, short or long, for work or pleasure, you and your man like getting busy.

I had only taken a couple of trips without my husband and we always humped the night before I left. We had both always enjoyed it until one night…

Things had been rocky for a bit, and if I am honest, I really kind of knew that he wasn’t right for me before we got married, but when you have been dating someone for a couple of years and get engaged, it’s hard to break it off, especially when you are young, and especially when the relationship isn’t that bad. So we married.

Unlike the other times when I left on a trip and we did it because we wanted to, this time was different.  A totally different dynamic.  We did it because he was needy and insecure.  He was never an alpha male, but wow, his lack of confidence was obvious, and a total turn off.  In fact, sex that night was mind-blowing alright…

He didn’t realize it but his insecurities as he was nailing me put the nail in his coffin.  I realized more than I ever had that I was growing and he wasn’t.  If I stayed in the relationship, he would hold me back.

Of course, it took many more months before I officially ended our relationship, but it was that night, during sex, that I knew it was over.

Have you ever mentally ended a relationship during sex?  We want to know.