Inappropriate Workout Attire

Do they know they are showing their asses and camel-toes?

By RockTheFrolic


Most females spend time selecting the right outfit for special occasions but should we put in a little more time picking out what to wear for our workouts? Inappropriate workout attire can be distracting for others and embarrassing for yourself.

The other day I was in yoga, minding my own business in the back of the class like usual. I know you are supposed to be focused inward on your own practice during yoga but sometimes it’s a little more difficult not to be distracted. As instructed by my teacher, I stretched my neck to the left, but I did so only to find I had an ass in my face.

Geez. The new girl next to me was wearing a pair of short and loose runner’s shorts. You know, the kind that taper up on the sides?

I tried to whisper to my boyfriend what I saw, but guys never seem to have a clue what you are trying to tell them in a whisper. Ten minutes more into class, he mouthed, “I know what you mean.” After class my boyfriend told me the guy in front of him couldn’t stop staring. The girl’s ass was fine, and by that I mean fine-OK not Fine, but it still begs the question, do you lack class if you wear workout attire that puts your ass on display in yoga?

A few days after the ass-girl experience in yoga, my boyfriend came home from the gym and told me about another sighting of highly inappropriate workout attire–a woman in light-colored pants had the most obvious camel-toe he had ever seen.

Do these women know they are putting on a show or are they oblivious? Would they be horrified if they realized their parts were parading in front of everyone, or are they secretly enjoying the attention? When it comes to clothes for working out, we say, it’s really a matter of respect. Wearing form-fitting clothing is one thing, but when you show your ass cheeks or the outline of your hoo-ha, it’s just tacky.

Rock the Frolic wants to know if you have ever worn, hopefully by accident, a workout outfit that showed parts you didn’t want seen? Tell us now about your inappropriate exercise clothing.