Johnny Depp — Hot at 50

As he celebrates a milestone, this actor is as sexy as ever

By RockTheFrolic

Johnny Depp turns 50

Goddamn… Johnny Depp is hot. In fact, he’s been on our hot list for years. On this day, his 50th birthday, we want to know how this man stays so incredibly sexy?

We love Johnny for so many reasons. It goes without saying that he’s handsome. Plus he’s got swagger and charisma to boot. We love that he takes such quirky roles and makes iconic characters. We bet he’s going to do the same when he plays Tonto in the new The Lone Ranger movie. We can’t wait.

As if being an Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe winning actor wasn’t enough, Johnny Depp is also a musician and owns both a yacht AND island. He was even cool enough to make Hunter S. Thompson’s final wish come true— Johnny paid to have the author’s ashes shot out of a canon!

Oh, Johnny, how we love you…

Happy birthday, Johnny Depp!


What is your favorite Johnny Depp character?


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