Mother-Daughter Duos–Do You Love Yours?

A Tribute to My Mom on Mother's Day

By RockTheFrolic

mother-daughter duos

It’s easy to take our parents for granted, even get annoyed with them occasionally. We get so busy in our everyday lives that sometimes we don’t get together that often even if only a few miles separate us. We make the effort on holidays such as today, Mother’s Day. But the most memorable moments with mom can come in an everyday activity.

For me, an Ahhhh moment happened shopping…

As I stood in the cosmetics department waiting for my mom to arrive, I saw countless mother-daughter duos. Why there were so many mothers and daughters shopping in Nordstrom on a Tuesday after work was kind of surprising. But the parade set the stage for a moment I will never forget.

Finally, gliding down the escalator into cosmetics, I saw my mom. After seeing the parade of all the other mother-daughter duos, I had never been so happy that my mom was mine.

Not that there was anything wrong with the other mother-daughter duos per se… but if guys think you will someday turn into your mother, I was reminded that day that I was lucky, because none of those other mothers were like my mom– she’s beautiful and classy. She loves meeting new people and remembers their names after meeting them only once. Impressive.

That day in Nordstrom reminded me to embrace all of the wonderful characteristics that I received from my mom. Her gift of gab. Her thick, long hair. Her wide hips that give us a small waist. The fact that she remains friends with all of her exs.

On Mother’s Day and always, love all that your mom has given you, and enjoy as many mother-daughter duo moments together as you can.

Happy Mother’s Day.