Save Yourself a Wrinkle or Two

The little thing you can do that makes a huge difference

By RockTheFrolic

sunscreen prevents aging and wrinkles

The most fun time of the year is here — Summer! There’s barbecues and beach days. The sun shines longer. As the temps creep up, we get to wear sundresses that drive the guys wild. Bikinis are a mainstay of our wardrobe too. But perhaps the best part is, we all frolic outside way more. With all of the fabulousness that summer offers, there is one insidious characteristic of summer (and even the rest of the year too) that we’ll help you deal with.

In fact, we’re going to do you the biggest, best favor ever. We’re going to save you a few wrinkles! Think’s that’s not possible?

We know some of you early 20-somethings think you will never have a wrinkle. How cute. The rest of us have already seen the dreaded UGGGGGGH, first wrinkle. Yikes!

OK, we admit, we can’t prevent you from -ever- getting wrinkles, but we can help you look 24% younger. It’s really quite simple, and yet, not many of us do it. At least as often as we should.

What could we possibly be talking about?

Wearing sunscreen, of course. It’s easy to do but we don’t always do it. Shame on us. Hello wrinkles.

Check out this article by our friend Juline Hamilton, a licensed Cosmetologist. Guess what? Even she doesn’t use sunscreen regularly. Find out why she’s about to slather it on religiously now, and the study that’s making her.

Do you think the sun caused your one, or many, wrinkles? Do you wear sunscreen every time you go outside? Let us know.