The Best Place to Meet a Man

Hint: It's a place you never really want to go

By RockTheFrolic

The best place to meet a man

Almost everyone who’s single is looking for someone, whether they admit it or not. But where can you find the guys? If you are over obligatory bar visits that have a singular end purpose in mind, there is one place to meet a man that is often overlooked. Granted, you can’t go to this place spur of the moment, or even very often. Most people don’t want to go there at all. Having a hard time guessing where you could potentially meet a hottie?

Jury duty! We’re not kidding.

From 19 to 90, give or take a year or two, jury duty neglects no one. Look around the juror assembly room and you’ll see men of all ages and types: business men, older men, even young hipsters with cool tattoos. The pool of jurors just turned into a pool of potential dates!

The trick, however, is not to look, or even hope, and especially not expect to meet someone at jury duty. Basically, all you have to do is be -open- to meeting someone anywhere, and not let an opportunity slip into a missed connection.

After receiving your summons, on your first day at the courthouse you can read a book, work on you laptop or drain the battery on your smartphone by browsing for hours. Otherwise, you have absolutely nothing to do while you’re waiting to be called into the court room for voir dire except… meet someone!

If you see a cutie at the courthouse, give him a smile, wink or flirtatious glance. You instantly have a topic of conversation, and you’ll have plenty of time to get to know one another. Don’t forget, you get an hour and a half for lunch…

There’s even better news. Your options aren’t limited to just the potential jurors. Hang out in the hallways and you may just snag a lawyer. Just remember, lawyers won’t have as much downtime as a fellow juror so you’ll have to be a little more efficient with your flirting.

Jury duty isn’t sounding so bad after all, is it?

If you think about it, the jury selection process is a lot like dating. You wait around for awhile then get asked a bunch of questions, then maybe, just maybe you might be selected.

The next time you get your jury duty summons, don’t be so quick to postpone or concoct a scheme to get out of it all together. Your civic duty just might turn into the best place to meet a man. In fact, your future husband might be waiting for you in the jury assembly room.

Have you ever met someone while doing your civic duty? We want to know.