The Great Gatsby: Leo DiCaprio vs. Robert Redford

Who do you think makes the hotter Gatsby?

By RockTheFrolic

Leonardo DiCaprio is hot in The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby — the classic American novel. Robert Redford — the Classic American heartthrob. Can the new version of the movie possibly be as good as the original? Does Leonardo DiCaprio make a good, even better, Gatsby?

Here are a c couple of interesting facts about the two Gatsbys. Leonardo DiCaprio was born the same year that Redford’s The Great Gatsby was released — 1974. At the time of playing the 32 year-old Gatsby, both actors were the same age — 38. Robert Redford is only 5’9″ while Leo stands a full 6′.

Redford’s take on the mysterious millionaire wasn’t the first. Did you know that there were two other film adaptions of the novel, a silent version from 1926, now lost, and a 1949 film starring Alan Ladd.

Alan Ladd in The Great Gatsby

We want to know: who is your favorite Gatsby and why?