Wearing High Heels is Sexy, But…

Do you know the benefits and side effects of platforms and pumps?

By RockTheFrolic

Wearing high heels

Wearing high heels is sexy. They lift your ass and make your legs look long and super shapely. Plus, the right shoe transforms an outfit into a stylish ensemble. Perhaps the best benefit of wearing high heels, however, is increased confidence. There is just something about slipping into a pair of stilettos or pumps that makes you feel like a bombshell. But we have to ask: why so high?

Today, every store whether it’s Nordstrom, Steve Madden or Charlotte Russe, carries shoes that are 5- to 6-inches high. In fact, it’s really hard to find any heels that are less that 4″ high.

We love heels, and wear them literally like every day. But when did it become mandatory for pumps, platforms, and even sneakers to be 5 inches or higher? Are sky high heels really what women want?

Ultra high heels f*ck up your feet.

Regardless of what you are wearing on your feet, walking or standing too long makes your dogs bark, for sure, but wearing high heels that are sky high for even a short time makes your toes scream, stresses out your lower spine and wreaks havoc on your arches by forcing them into a perpetual Barbie doll tip-toe.

Are girls so desperate to be tall that they are willing to regularly wear 5- and 6-inch heels and ruin their feet and tweak their backs just to increase their stature?

Sky high heels pose additional issues for girls who are already tall (say, 5’7″ and over). Finding a man! Seriously. Girls of every height want to wear cute heels for all their fashion and body benefits but the current shoe styles make us 6′ or taller! Unless you are in the Netherlands, the country with the tallest men, it’s hard to find a guy who has a few spare inches on your heel-wearing statuesque stature.

Don’t get us wrong, we love being tall. It’s just that towering over every guy while getting spasms in our feet definitely sucks.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much choice since there are so few cute shoe styles that are less than 4 inches high. In fact, most 3-inch heels today are frumpy and matronly. We can’t help it but we detest any and all shoes that remotely resemble something a grandma would wear.

Is it up to us to rebel against the towering heels?

As much as we dislike the turn the styles have taken, we have to admit that we’ll continue wearing high heels but we hope to find more classy-sexy, cute, modern, hip and stylish options that are under 5 inches high.  Our feet will thank us.