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Rock the Frolic knows original, authentic content is the most engaging. We create lots of it, drawing upon our own lives often, but YOU are our inspiration, too. Send us your thoughts, questions, stories. Just like your BFF, we want to hear/know all your juiciest, steamiest, funniest and most intimate details. Misery loves company, but so does embarrassment! Your mortifying experience can actually bring joy and laughter to many.

We’ll never reveal your identity, unless you want us to. So send us your thoughts, questions, stories. We bet that others will relate to your trials, tribulations and titilating triumphs. Have you had the best first date ever, or the first date from hell? Heartbreak? Yeah, we have too. What has been your best sexual experience ever? Have you found true love in an unexpected person or when you least expected it? Have you hooked-up while traveling? Finally found your sense of style? Overcome a major life challenge or a personal idiosyncrasy? Tell us. We bet everyone would like to read about it.

Are you an expert on sex, love, fitness, diet, health, style or ? Share your knowledge. Provide information women can really use. The tips should come from personal experience, your expert opinion or a combination of both. Write from emotion and insight.

Just remember, Rock the Frolic [covers] sex, love, dating, relationships, marriage and divorce along with style, body image, beauty, fashion, fitness and well-being. We cover news, trends, experiences– anything that women will relate to. Frequent our site to know what topics we cover and get a feel for our tone.

When you write an article for Rock the Frolic, make an intimate connection with our community. Reveal(expose). Surprise. Make it unexpected. Grab everyone’s attention. Find a way to make it universal and more women will relate to it.
We highly encourage guys to write for Rock the Frolic. Who better to give a man’s opinion or perspective than a guy! So pitch us with your ideas.

Send pitches to editor@rockthefrolic.com and include the word “Pitch” in your subject line. Don’t forget to include your resume, a link to your blog and/or a writing sample. Please include a few lines detailing what you want to write about and how long you think it’ll be. On Rock the Frolic, we typically publish pieces that are between 400 and 1000 words. Your piece must be original, never content posted on another site.

We can’t wait to hear from you!